⍓︎  One free round of revisions. Further revisions will cost extra.
⍓︎  Revisions that require restarting 60% or more of the project will cost extra.
⍓︎  Pricing will vary from project to project, but typically it will be $25/hr. 
⍓︎  A deposit is required before work begins.  
⍓︎  Payment is to be made through invoices on PayPal, or via check.
⍓︎  Any drives given to me will be returned at the end of the project.
⍓︎  The video will be delivered digitally, rendered at H.264 max quality unless otherwise stated.
⍓︎  The project files will not be delivered unless specifically requested. 
⍓︎  Additional work outside the original scope will be treated as a new inquiry, with a new contract.
⍓︎  In the event that footage is corrupted or is beyond repair (overexposed/underexposed), I will either pro-rate the work completed and refund overpayment or decline the inquiry. Sorry!
⍓︎  It's your responsibility to pay for any licensed music or assets you want me to use. If you have questions about this, let me know. 
⍓︎  I'll give you a projected turnaround time at the time of the deposit payment. If any delays or issues come up, you'll be contacted via email. 

Include these items in your message:
Desired Run Time
Deadline (if applicable)
Narrative information (feeling, desired tone, audience)
Title information (for titles and credits, if desired)

Thank you!I'll reach out to you as soon as I can.
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